When is wallpaper art?


When is wallpaper art? When it is a hand painted mural.

In this dining room I commissioned DeGourney to paint a 7’ high mural to run all around the room above the existing wainscoting. DeGourney offers dozen of images that are custom fit to your particular room. In this particular dining room, I layed out the images, so that the birds I liked best would be centered exactly between windows and adjusted the height of the tree branches to give a bit of “breathing room” at the top of the panels. I even chose the colors I wanted for the flowers and birds. The panels are 27” wide and the images are hand painted on silk. As you look around the room, you will see that there are no repeats, just a continuous painting of exotic birds and flowers.

I have commissioned several of these murals and I am always amazed at how they completely transform a space.  It’s as if you have brought the garden inside your home.

Truly a work of art

Yian Q