My Chihuly Story

What do you put on a wall that is 8 feet wide and 24 feet tall and is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door? That question perplexed me for about a year until one day I was on a tour of iconic mid century homes in Palm Springs. Hanging on one of the walls were several hand blown glass vessels by the Seattle artist Dale Chihuly. They had vivid color and seemed to dance along the walls. When i saw these vessels, which Chihuly calls “Persians”,  I knew I had the perfect solution for that 8’x24’ tall wall.

My clients were intrigued, and so began a 6 month journey from idea to installation.

The Chihuly studio was wonderful to work with. I sent drawings and dimensions of the wall and a general concept. From there the studio sent us their drawings and proposed glass colors. A few months went by and we were invited to Seattle for the big" reveal". We entered a darkened room and suddenly the lights came on and there was the sculpture laid out on a wall exactly the dimensions of the wall in my clients' home.

Both the clients and I were thrilled with the 13 pieces of glass that the Chihuly studio had created and a few weeks later it was installed. The wall that had remained empty for so long, was now filled with color and movement and a work of art that enlivens all the spaces around it.

Classic - Chihuly.jpg
Yian Q