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Our purpose is to create an environment that meets the needs of the people living there and is consistent with the basic architecture of a property. Our goal is to avoid the dissonance that occurs when interior styling clashes with architectural elements. If necessary, awkward architectural features are corrected.

Our full-service approach involves the selection of all interior finishes, furnishings, artwork, and accessories. We often feature family heirlooms or purchased antiques to accessorize each room to create a personalized look and to avoid the feeling of being “decorated.” We use antiques and artwork to accent both contemporary and traditional interiors. Our goal for all projects is to make each room functional, comfortable and inviting.

The firm does not have a “look.” Recent design projects include projects as diverse as a sleek contemporary home overlooking Lake Oswego, Oregon, a Georgian style country house, an early California style compound in La Quinta, California, an English style cottage overlooking the Oregon coast and the complete renovation and decoration of an Art-Deco apartment. The only common denominator in all of these projects is an emphasis on quality and furnishings appropriate to the owner’s lifestyle, that are also comfortable, inviting and compatible with the architecture of the property.

Much like our design, fees are structured in a manner that is comfortable for our clients. Our Business Manager will discuss the fee structures and letter of agreement with you.